How To Order Smoke Supplies?

Click one of the following next categories in the menu tree and you will be directed to our suppliers main website. 

Here you can see a wide arrange of products from all of our suppliers and we can order the products for you. You will not be able to see their website prices as they are distributors.

When you are there and have found your product: 

1. Write down the products name + Sku #
2. Contact us through email directly
3. Leave us your address details for your order.

The reason why we are doing this:
Doing things this way will allow us to get our credit card processor back by removing the products off our website. We can then allow our customers to purchase the products under manual orders by inputting manual products that do not violate our credit card processors terms of service.

We will then follow up your email with an invoice of the cost of the products + shipping to your address.

If the product you have chosen from one of our particular supplier's is out of stock, we will also look to source the same product from one of the other suppliers we have.


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