Of course you can!

Our first & second winners from both giveaways LIVE on Monday July 19th 2021 have been announced. 

We are super excited to bring this to our customer base. The beginning 2 draws was a smashing success with over 300 new member joining the group in 48 hours. Thank you for your super generous support and helping us succeed in our goals moving forward.

Without further a due!

Congratulations to our contestant giveaway winners. 

Giveaway #1
1. Tina Quinlan

Prizes included are :

1) Amber Honey Comb With Tree Percolator And Splash Guard Maple Glass Bong

2) Backwoods R&M Rolling Tray

3) Rocking High Ganjavibes Aluminium 56Mm Grinder

Giveaway #2
2. Mandie Sacrey

Prizes included are :

1) Dead Smoke Tropical Series 8 Inches Ganjavibe Bong

2) Dead Smoke Ganjavibes Aluminium 56MM Grinder

3) All Works More Pay Medium Rolling Tray

Giveaway #3
3.Tina Quinlan

Prizes included are :

1) Double Chamber Twin Color Glass Bubbler 7 Inches

) Gangster Graffitie Medium Rolling Tray

3) Cannatonik 420 On Leaf Airtight Glass Jar 3 Inches


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