About Us

Where does the story start?

Chief Executive Operations 
Jessee Addley

 As a individual grower, before I started this company, I noticed the market was very stagnate for grow shops, you can buy 1 thing here, another thing there. I saw what needed to be changed in today's grow shop markets.

We have personally designed The Kraken Grow Shop to be a one stop shop! Everything from breeding, garden supplies, smoking accessories, customized products, cannabis supplies, to artwork! If you can think it, chances are its here available for you!

While we currently do not have a brick and mortar store currently at this time, we offer all of the same great products direct to your door with even more affordable rates then the competition!

Our Mission!

We aim to become the entire cannabis industry, while this is no small feat, we are well on our way to accomplishing this project!

 We have made it our mission to provide you with the top service across Canada. Additionally we are planning on expanding into micro cultivating franchises or LP production facilities by the end of 2022! We will grow some of this countries finest high grade quality medical cannabis this country has to offer! 

We aim to diversify and increase our product 
catalog by continuously adding new quality suppliers on a regular basis. We now have brought you access to more then 2950 products! Some of the top-notch brands we carry include RAW, Crown Glass, Maple Glass, Hydro logic, Hanna, Rayon LED, Mars hydro, Geeklight lighting, AC Infinity, Remo Nutrients, MyGreenPlanet Nutrients, Autopot, UnderCurrent, Alfred's, EcoGrowtech, Cyco, Adanced Nutrients. 

We also have an all star line up that includes hundreds of customizable print on demand products with high end brands such as : Champions, American Apparel, Bella + Canvas, Fruit Of The Loom Gildan. Customizable products including headphones, stickers, bags, flags, embroidery & so much more that we can't even list it all.

All of our products are of exceptional quality with amazing prices. We are also willing to match and beat the prices of our competitors. We refuse to be undersold by other competitors. We will go to every length to earn your business and show you why we are your best choice in more industry then one. We promise you this because we are even willing to take a loss on a sale to earn your business! We strive to attain maximum customer satisfaction in all areas weather small orders or large orders.

We are always looking for new efficient and effective ways to provide the best customer experience possible, so we hold the utmost importance to all of our client’s concerns. We absolutely read all feedback and we care about your concerns and ensure that they go to the right people. If you are not happy with something, then we are not happy with something. A simple comparison of our prices with our competitors will show you how we are your best choice in the industry! We guarantee low prices that are impossible to find elsewhere. We take pride in our excellent customer service with our round-the-clock 365 day services. You can trust us to provide for all your needs regarding garden supplies, smoking supplies, customized supplies, print on demand and much more!


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