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Customized Cloner builds made out of Aluminum rust proof material. No corners cut in this product. Every single one is built by hand, water tested to ensure no leakage. These units will last you forever. Lightweight, well built and ready to take on the smallest to largest cultivations. 

Also Available are PLASTIC TOTE BIN units. Fully customizable to your needs. Very durable and will also last you a super long time. We highly recommend purchasing these units.

if you live in ONTARIO you can arrange to come pick up the unit to save yourself shipping costs. We will provide address apon the completion of the order.

HIGHCRAFT takes great pride in supporting local, if you or someone you know does DIY projects you can contact us for an opportunity to view what you have and we will potentially market your item.

Customized shipping options are available, however due to size of the unit these can get very exspensive very quickly,

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